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Cruises on request

Do you want to enjoy Český Krumlov on a private raft, or are you planning a corporate or group event? Take advantage of ordering the whole raft! Please contact us here to book.

The route and the length of the cruise

The cruise starts at the Parkán Pier, or it can be adapted to the client's wishes to another location by agreement. The route and the end of the cruise are adapted to the wishes of the client.

The duration of the cruise is 50 minutes. In less than an hour you will go around the entire meander of the center of Český Krumlov.

When ordering the entire raft, the cruise time can be extended or shortened.

Prices and services on request

We will be happy to prepare a cruise according to your dreams. Nothing is an obstacle for us, whether it is adjusting the length of the cruise, refreshments, music or a qualified guide. We welcome any idea that will make the cruise special and create an unforgettable experience for you.

Renting the raft

The basic service of our cruises on request is the raft rental. In our fleet of rafts, we sail two types of rafts - small and large. Rental prices vary by size.

  • small raft - capacity 6 people (CZK 3,000 / raft)
  • large raft - capacity of 12 people (CZK 4,100 / raft)
  • surcharge for night sailing (CZK 500 / raft)

- bottled water per person is included in the rental price
- prices without VAT

Drinks on the raft

Do you want to enjoy the cruise with a drink of your choice or with a special drink for raftsmen- korma?

  • drink according to the basic offer (price: CZK 50)
  • raftsmen korma - beer and mead drink (price: CZK 75)


Would you like a wedding like no other, one that will be forever etched in the memory of you and your loved ones? We will prepare a tailor-made raft wedding cruise for you. There will be festive food and drink, music and anything else you can think of.

weddings (price: from CZK 6,900)

On-oard theatre

Is the cultural experience in the form of panaroma of the city of Český Krumlov not enough for you? We will be happy to enrich your cruise with a proper cultural insert in the form of the so-called Ship Theater, which will introduce you to historical events from Czech history or the stories of important Krumlov personalities.

  • cruise with the "Ship Theater" - rafting theater (price: additional charge 700 CZK / raft)


Good entertainment includes quality music. We are happy to provide live music right on the raft.

  • cruises with music on the raft or in the harbor (price: surcharge from CZK 2,500 - music group)

all prices excluding VAT

Drinks on the raft


0,5l local Krumlov bier
1,5dl wine (red/white)
1,5dl prosecco
0,4 l home made lemonade
0,5 l 0 alc (soft) bier
0,5 l water (sparkling x still)
0,33 l cola, fanta, sprite
espresso, capucinno, latté
  Hot cherry liquer
Dining menu

on rerquest

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