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A tour in the museum of timber rafting with a cruise

The approx. 50-minute cruise departs from the Parkán port and ends at the Český Krumlov Historical Brewery. For the cruise, refreshments are served in the form of a drink (included in the ticket price), which is served on the raft. The raft-ticket also serves as a free ticket for the museum of rafting in the former church of St Jost in the Latran street Nr.6

Dates of regular cruises

20.05. - 30.09.10:3012:3014:3016:30
30.06. - 30.06.    

A tour in the museum of timber rafting with a cruise
670 CZK/Adult

boat tickets include: commented cruise and walk from the meeting point to the Parkán pier, drink on the raft, discount for a restaurant and a free entry to the museum of timber rafting in the former church of St. Jost

How to book and buy a cruise

You can buy a raft cruise either at our sales points or directly on the raft* at PARKÁN Pier. To be sure of a place, we recommend booking the cruise using the booking form. Or by phone at +420 605 218 018

*payment at the pier can be made by credit card

The route of a regular cruise
Parkán Pier – Jewish Synagogue – City Park – Jesuit College – Church of St. Vítus – Rybářská (Piscatory) Street – City Walls – Paraplíčko(Sun umbrella) – Egon Schiele Art Center (former Municipal Brewery) – Castle – Church of St. Jost- Parkán Street - Brewery Gardens - Historic Brewery Český Krumlov (former widow's residence of Anna from Rogendorf, mother of Vilém and Peter Vok from Rosenberg) - Rent Point embankment
Drinks on the raft


0,5l local Krumlov bier
1,5dl wine (red/white)
1,5dl prosecco
0,4 l home made lemonade
0,5 l 0 alc (soft) bier
0,5 l water (sparkling x still)
0,33 l cola, fanta, sprite
espresso, capucinno, latté
  Hot cherry liquer
Children on raft
We love children and they are welcome on the raft from the age of 1. We also have small life jackets ready for them, thanks to which you don't have to worry about their safety. Children under 5 can even enjoy the ride for free!
Pets on raft
Are you taking your pets on holiday to Český Krumlov? Don't worry, they'll join you on the raft, and for free! Just please let us know in advance, thank you.

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